Mike Jewison's Old Haunts

Here's a listing of all the places I've had some association with since I left high school a few years back. Well, actually, it's now more than a few years. Interesting that virtually all of these places have had a long-standing net.presence. I have no idea whether that means anything or not...

These are presented in chronological order.

My high school, Campbell Collegiate, has a home page, and they're slowly adding stuff to it.
University of Regina's Department of Physics, home of my undergraduate days
Western's own Astronomy Department, where I was a graduate student what seems like eons ago
Space Telescope Science Institute, dear to my heart - it was while here I learned how to brew beer
Magna International, my one and only foray into the "real" world
U of Toronto's Astronomy Department, although I spent most of my time at the Dunlap Observatory
Space Astrophysics Laboratory at York University, although their server seems to be down
York University's Department of Physics & Astronomy
LARG*net, the London and Region Global*network, now housed at the University of Western Ontario
I'm now at the London Health Sciences Centre, where I'm the computer geek in the Radiology Department

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Last updated: September 28, 2004